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Part 3 – 11 Days RVing Australia’s Outback


Outback Overview-Add on Option for 51 day Tour


A Rare Opportunity to Explore the Australian Outback by RV Awaits You.



Ahhh… The lure of the Australian Outback. Go ahead. Treat yourself to a rare adventure. Explore the famed outback by RV. Why is this such a rare opportunity? Because Fantasy is the ONLY company to offer this unimaginable experience…the Outback by RV!


Alice Springs is the hub of your outback experience. From the moment you land and pick up your home on wheels, you’ll be mesmerized by the rugged, remote and sparsely inhabited inland region of Australia. Frankly, the Outback is hard to describe; you have to experience it. Ask anyone who’s been there…


Camping at sacred ground…the hallowed land of the Aborigines. Some of your most memorable experiences will be at Ayers Rock, or Uluru, as the Aboriginal people call it. To this day, it holds spiritual significance for the natives of this land.

Are you up for a camel ride? Yes?  You will explore King’s Canyon atop a camel and enjoy a bona fide Outback BBQ. And, if you’re looking for an authentic, genuine Australian event, you’ll certainly savor the Aboriginal “dreamtime” experience…


The solitary Ayers Rock stands 1,142 feet (more than 100 stories) above the Australian plains. Its base is almost 6 miles around and the substructure extends 3 and a half miles beneath the surface. There are watering holes, springs and ancient drawings in numerous caves. It’s quite a monument to behold! However, the uncommon and unusual kaleidoscopic feature of this “island mountain” is what makes it so celebrated! Scores of professional photographers patiently wait for days to capture the volumes of color this landmark offers its guests. Blazing reds at sunrise. Dazzling yellows at mid-day. Brilliant oranges as the sun begins to set. And, finally… Varying shades of deep amber or violet, as the moon begins to rise.



Can it get any better?   You bet! Fantasy’s Outback RV tour masters never tire! Envision yourself sitting among the vast openness of the land, toasting to the mystical Ayers Rock, mesmerized by the rich, resonant sound of a didgeridoo, enjoying a feast fit for a king at the Sounds of Silence Dinner.


Can you think of a better finale to such a rare experience? Fantasy thought of an unforgettable encore… A local story teller will describe the constellation in the southern hemisphere as you marvel at the moonlit ROCK under the stars. Another once in a lifetime experience!
Moonlit Ayers Rock

…Oh, but don’t forget! As you end your 12 days of RVing the Outback, there IS yet one more option… Four days of pure, splendid relaxation on the exotic island of Fiji.

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