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New Zealand & Austraila RV Caravan – 51 Day Tour


Looking for an Australia and New Zealand RV Tour? You just found the best.  This exotic RV caravan treats you to an experience you can’t even begin to imagine. You’ll find yourself thinking…This has to be the “Mother “of all RV vacations!



 Where do you begin? In the land that legend says was “fished from the sea”–New Zealand.  You will explore the last land mass to be discovered on our great planet and therefore the youngest country on Earth.   Maybe, the best was saved for last. Because New Zealand is known for a great deal… Spectacular landscapes.   Mountains. Glaciers. Plains. Wine. Lush rain forests that are home to an abundance of plants found nowhere else on earth.


New Zealand, a diverse sophisticated society and the “Kiwis” (New Zealanders) are known for being friendly, open and honest.   With everything it offers, it’s known by many to be “the place to unwind”.  After almost a month of traveling and experiencing both the southern and northern islands of New Zealand, it’s time to go to…


The “Land Down Under”–Australia! Fantasy will fly you from Auckland, NZ, over the South Pacific Ocean to the modern city of Cairns in northeastern state of Queensland. …And, that’s where you will pick up your motorhome to begin the next chapter of this unbelievable journey.

Australia is surrounded by Oceans and Seas–the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the Arafura Sea and the Timor Sea and therefore, it’s often referred to as the “island continent”.   It’s known for the Great Barrier Reef which lies just off its northeastern coast and, even though it’s an island, it’s the sixth largest country in the world.


Hold a koala or feed a wallaby. And, certainly traveling through Australia by RV, you’ll see a kangaroo or two… Perhaps hanging around your RV site.


But, wait. There’s more!  A trip to Australia wouldn’t be complete without a visit to its famous Outback… This notoriously remote region of Australia offers a beauty all its own!   Wide open spaces. Amazing sunsets. Aboriginal art. Come along with Fantasy for twelve more sensational days. …In the Australian Outback by RV.


Still looking for more? While you’re in this corner of the world, you’ll certainly want to take advantage of Fantasy’s four day post tour excursion to the South Pacific island.  This visitor friendly, paradise is the perfect place to end  the “Mother” of all RV vacations… by crashing for a few days on the tropical beaches of Fiji.