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Part 1 – 25 Days In New Zealand


Tour Overview-New Zealand Portion of 51 day Tour


New Zealand–A Tiny Country Filled with BIG Surprises!  It’s approximately the size of California but has a population of only four million–about the size of Los Angeles.  And, speaking of Los Angeles, that’s where your Australia and New Zealand RV tour begins. From there, Fantasy flies you to the city of Christchurch, NZ, to embark upon part one of your 51 day journey.


A quick tip–New Zealand is commonly referred to as “Kiwi Land”.  Why?  The small, nocturnal, flightless Kiwi bird has been adopted as their national emblem.  It’s even on their currency!  You’ll enjoy over three weeks RVing the multi-faceted north and south islands of “Kiwi Land”.


Wondering about your RV? After spending your first two nights in a deluxe hotel, Fantasy takes you to the fully equipped home on wheels they reserved just for you. All you have to do to is get in. (…And, perhaps learn how to confidently drive on the “opposite side” of the road.) Now, your New Zealand by RV adventure begins!



What’s next? Snowcapped mountains…On a tropical island?  Yes!  Rest assured, this beautiful South Pacific island and Fantasy gives you more than you can imagine!


On your way to the Alps…The beautiful southern rocky, coastline is dotted with fields of sheep for which New Zealand is famous.   The uniquely spherical Moeraki Boulders are on the beach along the way, also.  Maori legend says they’re the remains of eel baskets, calabashes and kumara washed ashore from a ship wreck. The Southern Alps is a mountain range that extends almost the entire length of the South Island.  It serves as a beautiful back-drop as you make your way around the perimeter of the island. Not only will you see them as a backdrop; a boat cruise through Milford Sound puts you right in the middle of these picturesque snow-covered mountain peaks. Just when you think you’ve seen the most spectacular scenery…this New Zealand by RV adventure gets better as each day unfolds!


How about a feast for your eyes? As Fantasy takes you through both the South and North Islands, there are spectacular landscapes, glaciers, lighthouses, amazing coastlines, seals, penguins, castles, fiords, lush rain-forests, brilliantly colored flowers, and unspoiled vegetation! Feel like you are a teenager again!  Have you ever watched the Olympics and wondered what it would feel like to ride a luge?  You’ll have your chance when you get to Queenstown!  Are you a little more daring?  How about bungee jumping at the Kawarau Gorge, where bungee jumping was born?  Fantasy’s customers revert from sixty something years old to acting more like 16 year olds on this exhilarating New Zealand RV caravan!


Onward to the North Island via ferry.   Your journey continues in the city of Wellington with a visit to the Te Papa Tongarewa; the national museum of New Zealand.  Winding mountain roads, with views in all directions of lush valleys and mountain peaks, take you to the northern side of the island where your caravan parks for the night–on the beach at Orewa.


Culture of the Maori native people.  An introduction to the culture of the native people of New Zealand at the Maori Ceremonial House will be undoubtedly one of the biggest highlights of your North Island tour.  Finally, your New Zealand tour concludes in Auckland–the largest and most modern city in this tiny island country. Your home on wheels gets returned and you stay at a deluxe hotel while touring this awesome city.


Part Two – On to the “Land of Oz”…Australia by RV! Just about the time you thought it couldn’t possibly get any better, Fantasy flies you across the ocean to the Australian city of Cairns in the northeastern state of Queensland.  The next 24 days will be the most unbelievable RV vacation you’ll ever experience!