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Jack & Sally Bingham

Enroute to Dunedin we make a stop at the world famous Moeraki Boulders. If you use Bing as a search engine you may have seen these as the photo of the day last year. They are large, almost perfectly round sandstone boulders scattered along this area of the beach. Today being Good Friday, there are several dozen people walking and playing around the boulders. After a coffee at their cafe, we were back on the road.
Many of us drove out to this jetty area to have lunch at Fleurs Place to have lunch with a view . It’s a very special place that the locals know about and we learned of last year. The seafood platters are works of art with the sauces served in paua shells. We had the perfect day for sitting out and watching 

Harvey & Baraba Soften

the seagulls. Off in the distance we spotted some albatross!  The owner, Fleur herself made the rounds and chatted with us. Very cool!