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Our first travel day was from Christchurch to Oamaru. We arrived in time to unpack our suitcases and have a bite to eat before we loaded up on the bus for the penguin tour. It was a perfect night! We saw several of the rare yellow eye penguin, some came right up to the path we walk out on. Then we went over to see the little blue penguins as they came ashore after fishing all day. They were so exhausted that they had to pause on dry land to catch their breath before continuing on to their nests. What a perfect beginning of the road trip portion of the tour!
The next day we set off in our rented RVs for Dunedin after a short travel briefing.  Here in New Zealand both dairy cows and sheep dot the landscape.  The grass fed cows produce some of the sweetest milk, butter and ice cream.   Sheep, of course, are the major industry in New Zealand.  It is said they far outnumber the people here.