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The bus picked us up at the back of our Campground at 7:45 AM and headed for Milford Sound with several stops along the way for pictures and bathroom breaks – approx… 2 hour ride.  We boarded the boat around 11 AM and feasted on a buffet lunch of chicken, BBQ beef, Pork, Mussels while the boat headed out Milford Sound.  I learned that Milford Sound is misnamed as it was carved out by a Glacier and should be called a Fjord.  The weather was overcast with Scottish mist (drizzle wet weather to us) but the scenery was breathtaking with steep rock walls jutting up on either side of our boat and silvery waterfalls cascading down from far above.  The boat stopped out on Milford Sound at the Discovery Center where we walked down a flight of stairs that took us below the water and were able to observe the sea life below Milford Sound.  It was fabulous.  Another boat later picked us up and took us back to our Campground at Te Anau. What a great day!